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Access to storage units daily from 06:00 am - 10:00 pm

Do you know Self Storage?

With housing in short supply, a more transient population and more and more of us finding it difficult to organise our own personal possessions or our businesses, self storage offers the opportunity to rent a unit of space, chosen from various sizes, in a secure location, where you are the only person to own a key. Self storage is for residents of houses and flats as well as for businesses of all sizes. For everyone who needs a secure and flexible way of storage. 

Self Storage as a short-term solution: if storage is needed when you move or temporary living overseas. Selfstorage as a long-term solution: if you need more space at home or want to reorganize your office.

Pickens Selfstorage solves your space issues – you can store almost everything: furniture, files, artwork, wine... And as opposed to regular store-houses or depots you have access to your storage unit 7 days a week and almost around the clock without extra charge.

Easy Peasy!

Everyone needs storage space at some point. Pickens Selfstorage wants to make it as easy and straightforward as possible for tenants to solve their space problems. We believe that we are simple, transparent and honest. With no hidden costs. We know how difficult a relocation, a water damage or a loss in the family can be. Thus we will do everything to make the storage part as easy and comfortable as possible. 

  • Straightforward monthly billing
  • Website also in English
  • Prices visible online
  • Online booking 
  • Bluetooth lock and App
  • Showrooms at every location
  • Acceptance of deliveries
  • Wine storage with shelves included
  • Recommendation known moving companies
  • Professional, multilingual and personal customer advice

Self Storage started 30 years ago. The first store houses and depots were built in the United States of America, next to large garrisons in Texas. Soldiers who had to go abroad could store their belongings in such storage buildings. This idea spread fast throughout the entire USA and Canada. England, Australia and New Zealand followed quickly and Self Storage reached the European mainland.

Pickens Selfstorage centres have individually secured units from 1 m² to 90 m². Our Self Storage buildings are up to 6 stories high. Large lifts allow easy access to each floor. CCTV surveillance and with motion detectors secured, Pickens Selfstorage provides maximum safety. Daily access from 6 am to 10 pm without advanced notice makes the storing experience extra convenient. Booking your unit can be done online or via email. No need to come to one of our offices in advance. We do need identification however, but that can also be done online.

Access to the building and the storage units is given via our App and with bluetooth locks.

The loading areas are protected against rain and heat by a canopy and ample parking is provided.

Inside the Self Storage facility the heating system makes sure that room temperature does not go below approx. 12° C (53° F).
For absolute safety there are smokedetectors directly connected to the firestation and security service.

Self Storage customers store their belongings themselves and only the tenant has access to the storage unit (Your room - your lock). Please make sure to check with your insurance, if the your unit at Pickens Selfstorage is covered. The content of your storage unit is not covered automatically by us. However, we will be happy to offer you extra insurance at special rates.

Pickens Selfstorage is a member of the German Selfstorage association: and operates accourding to DIN EN 15696.