Contract & Payment

How long can I or do I have to rent storage space at Pickens?

As long as you like. From 1 month with a cancellation notice of 2 weeks.

How much storage can I rent at the Pickens facilities?

Pickens offers storage units from 1 m² (room heights 3m) to 90m², depending on the location you choose. For wine and art lovers and collectors we offer special storage possibilities. Please call for details.

Any hidden costs?

NO! Prices are "all inclusive". Other than rent and security deposit there are no hidden fees or additional costs for your Selfstorage unit. 

For business customers only: additional 19% VAT.

How do I pay?

Your monthly storage rental bill is paid via SEPA direct debit from a German bank account or credit card.
We do not accept debit or prepaid cards.
A deposit (one month rent) and the first month rent are due upon conclusion of the rental agreement. This first payment can also be paid in cash.

Can I change storage units?

Yes, of course. You can change units, add another storage room to your contract, increase or decrease depending on availability.


Only the lease governs the relationship between tenant and landlord.
Beyond this contract, there are no additional terms. A contract example can be found in Downloads (German only). 

Please note that we carry out a credit check.