Online & App

Can I rent a storage unit online? How does it work?

Yes, we offer a secure online solution. As data protection and security is very important to us, we will send information not only via Email, but also as text messages. Thus you will need a mobile phone to complete the online booking process.

After choosing a storage unit, registering and choosing the start of your rental the following will happen:

  • You will be directed to our payment page.
  • We ask you for an identification by using our partner IDnow - you will receive an Email with a link.
  • You will receive your contract, which must be confirmed via SMS Code, that will be sent to your mobile phone. 
  • Only after sucessful completion of the above 2 steps, we will debit your credit card and you will receive an Email with all needed information to access your storage unit.
  • A bluetooth lock is included in the rent. For access you need to download our App for which you will receive all information during the above booking process. The lock remains at the location after you moved out. 

Should you at any point have difficulties completing the online booking, please call at the facility during office hours. Phone numbers are found on the respective location page or under Contact.


The Pickens Selfstorage App - How to use it?

Use our Pickens Selfstorage App      Google Play Store        Apple Store
(This first version is in German only)


Access (Zugang)

  • At each of our locations we placed signs with QR codes at the entrance gate, entrance to the building, inside the elevators and at the exit. You can scan these codes via the App instead of punching in the access code at the keypads.

Padlock (Schloss)

  • The storage unit (so far only at our Berlin-Tempelhof and Hamburg Wandsbek location) is equipped with a bluetooth padlock and can be opened with the App.

Contracts and billing (Verträge)

  • Overview of all rental contracts, invoices and credit notes

Profile (Profil)

  • Edit personal information
  • Update credit card details

Contact and location information (Kontakt)

• Facility office hours

• Contact: Toll-free phone, directly to branch and E-Mail