Security (Insurance)

How safe is my stuff at Pickens?

Pickens clients rent their personal unit. Noone can see into that storage unit and the walls are sturdy and secure. The unit is locked with a personal padlock. The facility has a multilevel security concept:
Individual access control through PIN code, 24 hour video surveillance, security guards at night, dual alarm system, smoke detectors, firealarm, intercom system on every floor - directly connected to the reception, bright corridors and fenced compound.

Does Pickens offer an insurance?

Yes, you have the option of taking out insurance for your stored goods at Pickens Selfstorage at attractive conditions.
You can insure values of € 500.00 or € 1,000.00 per m³. However, insurance is not mandatory with Pickens Selfstorage.
Please find an example contract under "Downloads".

Or you can report the rented unit to your existing household insurance.

Who else has access to my storage unit?

Noone! Only you and the people you authorized to do so. The storage units are locked with a bluetooth lock, that we provide for as long as you rent with us. If you want other people to have access to your unit, please inform your customer service representative. In case several people need access to the storage unit, a combination lock might be another solution. ABUS locks are available in our shop at the facility.

What should I know before storing?

Protect yourself against carpet and clothes moths. Although we do precautionary pest control on a regular basis, an infestation cannot be barred 100%. Textiles should be packed dry but not airsealed.

Is it possible to store my motorcycle at Pickens?

No. House rules say for your own security: ... no storage of vehicles and mashines that need operating fluids or materials. Water damaging material. That includes shortterm storage.