What is Self Storage and how does it work?

Our clients rent individual, safe and clean storage units with daily access. Goods are stored by the renter. Pickens offers this service for private customers as well as to businesses.

Watch our video for an easy explanation (in German)

Watch this video to see how to get to your storage unit and what to expect at Pickens Selfstorage (in English)

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Which goods are not permitted in the storage units?

Perishable goods, living material, animals, inflammable goods, weapons, explosives of any kind, illegal drugs, narcotics, chemicals and radioactive material, toxic refuse material, hazardous waste of any kind. Any dangerous materials that might affect, damage or impact others through emission.

What is "Winestorage"?

WeinStorage means wine storage (you might have guessed that...). We offer storage only for your wine in a separate storage area. Low light impact and the guarantee of an unchanging temperature (13-14 degrees celsius as well as a relative humidity of 73-74% +/- 5 degrees and %)) allow you to store red wine safely and for long periods of time. 

Is it possible to store my motorcycle at Pickens?

No. House rules say for your own security: ... no storage of vehicles and mashines that need operating fluids or materials. Water damaging material. That includes shortterm storage.



How do I get to my storage unit? What to expect at Pickens Selfstorage

This video explains how to get to your storage unit.